Enabling Collaborative Procurement

For SMEs

  • Identify other SMEs as well as larger suppliers to create consortiums with
  • See technologies behind contracts for the first time, allowing spotting of competitor product applications and service areas
  • Visualises relevant information about the (sometimes intimidating) public sector procurement process

For Suppliers

  • Allows authorities to build joint tenders, increasing purchasing power and  collaboration across the public sector
  • Improving supply chain and making it easier for SMEs to join supplier consortiums
  • Increased awareness of challenges and opportunities across public sector bodies to encourage  collaboration and increased purchasing power

Procurement Insights for Suppliers

Our data science team works with a quality combination of contracts, technology, buyer & supplier data sources to bring highly curated insights to users.

Platform data sources

  • Government procurement portals
  • 3rd party   eSource / eContract platforms
  • Other

Our data science team

  • Personalise
  • Aggregate
  • Cleanse
  • Analyse

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