Enabling innovation through procurement by illuminating the supplier landscape and increasing purchasing power for buyers

Innovation through diversification of providers

Breaking up contracts from large suppliers

Reduce barriers for SMEs accessing opportunities

Collaboration between buyers for increased purchasing power

OppX platform

OppX aggregates a city’s public sector technology procurement opportunities and allows for public sector buyers to build joint tenders, increasing purchasing power and encouraging communication and collaboration across public sector bodies, enabling more high impact outcomes and innovation. 

Improving small-to-medium-sized-enterprises’ (SMEs’) supply chain and making it easier for SMEs to join supplier consortiums is a key goal for governments, which OppX enables.

This platform is an example of a commitment to supporting SMEs across the city and to giving government organisations greater buying power, more customisability and more choices when it comes to procuring technology, ensuring the city remains a hub of civic innovation.

Key features

Single view of opportunities

Suppliers can access all opportunities across a borough or city, no need for multiple sites

Supplier and buyer profiles

Understand supplier capabilities across the market to help shape your tender

Procurement readiness score

Bring transparency to requirements, helping SMEs validate whether they are ready for procurement

Supply-chain innovation

Access increased innovation through a community of 4000+ SMEs

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